Logistics Allied provides experienced logistics support from conceptual studies, through deployment, operations, and system retirement. Our capabilities are as varied as our customer’s requirements; from managing simple inventories to shipping parts and supplies around the world. Allied employees currently manage a $375,000 parts inventory for the U.S. State Department’s ISN/ECC office. We have extensive knowledge in foreign travel preparation and execution. Allied is skilled in all aspects of Supply Chain Management. We work with multiple vendors to research, procure, and deliver a multitude of equipment to various countries. Logistics services provided by Allied include:

  • Test and evaluation/engineering support
  • Integrated logistics planning/support
  • Supply chain management
  • Purchasing
  • High value asset management systems
  • Inventory management and execution
  • Warehousing and distribution technologies
  • Technical data management
  • Maintenance/safety
  • Property disposal
  • Transportation management and maintenance
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Training support